250 Usual Suspects… and counting…

5 Comments on “250 Usual Suspects… and counting…”

  1. Nicole says:

    Good ones!

  2. Kyaa! My Glassie! XD

    The photoshoot was a blast and I enjoyed chatting with you. I’m gonna keep up with the progress of this project. It looks wicked fun! 🐱

  3. […] But no using the Hanged Man tarot animation; that was my idea… […]

  4. Belenos Stardust says:

    Loving what I am seeing so far Kris! Sorry i been scarce lately… one thing or another keeps knocking me out of the loop here…. I gotta log in at a Panera bread hahaha. Keep up the good work!!!! Will check in in SL soon, and bring Ally by if u need more models.

  5. Theoretical says:

    Sandwiched between a very cool hanging Dale Innis and a voluptuous vixen (you), I look like like flat bread. Hahaha….but I would not change a thing, after all, if it is my identity you seek in pixels, that is what you got.

    Thank you for inviting me over.



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