Dedicated to Delinda

“Think for a minute about what makes you fabulous and how you can celebrate it.”
— Laura Mercier

This was a quote Delinda Dyrssen posted a week ago on her twitter. I think it really encompasses what my newest project is about. Delinda knew. I had talked to Delinda a couple weeks ago. She was in Naples, Italy and had just eaten some pizza. She was going around the world helping to find kidney donors who would swap kidneys with others to help save lives. What an amazing woman!!!

Delinda passed away this morning at the young age of 32. (An amazing post from Paisley Beebe here…

I was at a vigil for her last night in Second Life at “The Pocket.” Live musicians were singing to her and friends were talking to her through voice via a laptop as she lay in a coma in Los Angeles. She heard everyone, I am sure of it. Finding out this morning that she passed away, was such a shock. This amazing, beautiful, funny, silly woman full of life and love, full of hope for the future, full of laughter will always be with us. She will be in our hearts. She has touched our souls.

I had asked Delinda to pose for me when she was in Naples. I had just started the project and she was one of the first I contacted. It was late and she was getting tired and we were going to ‘talk soon.’ I am so sorry we didn’t talk again after that. I wish I could have her picture on my wall.

Delinda was fabulous and I want to celebrate her!!  So I am dedicating this project “The Usual Suspects” to my friend Delinda Dyrssen, who has inspired me beyond words and who I will miss dearly.

The project is a documentation of online identity. It is about how we represent ourselves online. I am doing front and back portraits of avatars and will be creating a book and printing the images out in real life. I have over 280 portraits so far and will continue for as long as it takes. If you would like to participate, let me know.

Below are a few portraits of ‘friends of Delinda.’

3 Comments on “Dedicated to Delinda”

  1. Nicole says:

    How wonderfully thougtful hun. )

  2. thanks for posting your wonderful portrait of me. it is one of my all-time favorites from my life in SL. i was an acquaintance of delinda. i knew her of course from attending Paisley’s Tonight shows. and we chatted a bit when she produced a Live n Kickin show with TrueLie Telling at my friend Scottius Polke’s Lunamaruna.
    i created back stage passes for that show, as a half-serious joke. delinda wore my pass i think. she wasn’t on my friends list, and now i feel a great sense of loss because i didn’t know her in the way so many others did. her story is so inspiring to me and i intend to let as many people i can know of it.

    • Awwww that is so lovely Wizard, thank you so much!!! I sooooo wish I would have talked to Delinda and hung out with her more. We had great conversations… She wanted to help me raise money so I could go to SLCC last year… she was all set to have a RL art auction for me Bbut we just got busy and I couldn’t get off work anyway. I am honored to have known Delinda and inspired by her life. I think we should all lead from her example.

      I am so glad I met you… and very lucky :)Thank you for being a new part of my life 😀

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