What is the point of SL? Who are we?

I received this lovely note the other day, and received permission to post it on my blog, I thought it would help start a great dialogue. What do you think?  What is the point of SL?

Hello Gracie;

I just spent an extensive time at your project “1000 avatars”, looking at all the portraits you have taken.
I was moved by the experience and wanted to tell you how much this project of yours meant to me.
Many times, we hear others asking, what is the point of SL. For that matter, we all have asked ourselves that same question, one time or another. When I saw your project, and the many incredible avatars represented there, I was effected deeply, by the level of self expression each avatar in SL has choosen for themselves. Every one, individual, in all their entirety. I was struck mentally with 5 lines, i wish to share with you.

1) Who we wish we were
2) Who we really are inside
3) Who we need to be
4) Who hides inside us all
5) Who we dare to be

What SL allows us, is the opportunity to express all that we are.

Thanks to you, and your creativity, we are able to see a sampling of the strength and power of self expression. I, for one, am proud to be a member of this virtual world which I share with so many FANTASTIC others.

Berlin Brinner


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