Help wanted!!!

I just moved to my new space at the NMC-MIT Sims… YAY!!!!

I have 15000 prims and hardly any lag to play with…YAY!!!! LOLOL

(Can you tell I’m excited??)

So I have temporarily set up the space like this… but I want to reorganize it. I would love to hear your suggestions, ideas and advice. Or your help in building something great 🙂 Drop me an email with your suggestions…

Let me know what you think.

One Comment on “Help wanted!!!”

  1. I know this is late to the game, but I was wondering what it would be like to be able to walk through the images… meaning, a tunnel or maze of sorts where you walk through other people to get to the next one.

    Setting it up so you don’t feel claustrophobic might be a challenge, but… I have to admit I find the idea of the juxtaposition of me, as an avatar, against pictures of other avatars really compelling.

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