“Secret Selves”

I had a dream Leonard Nimoy was visiting my family and he was so delightful and chatting… he had longgggg black hair and was wearing a Mickey Mouse cap.. hehe I have a friend who LOVES him and has taken a couple pics with him, so I told him about her and he said. Oh does she wear all black, I said YES!!! He remembered her.. hehe And that was it.

So a friend pointed out one of Leonard Nimoy’s art projects….  “The Full Body Project” Which has a lot to do with my other project “My Life as an Avatar.” http://www.graciekendal.wordpress.com I started looking at his other work and found one of his newest series “Secret Selves”

This is what the site says…


“Do you have a Secret Self?

According to Greek mythology, humans were once four legged and four armed.
When they became too arrogant and powerful Zeus split them in two.

Since then mankind is in constant search for our other half in order to feel complete.

Do you have another half? Do you have a self never revealed? Who do you think you are?

In November 2008, Leonard Nimoy was at R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, Massachusetts, to begin his latest photographic journey: Secret Selves. We gathered 100 subjects from all walks of life: artists, clergy, politicians, business owners, and asked them the question, Who do you think you are? Each subject was recorded as Mr. Nimoy interviewed them and created a portrait of their “alternate identity.” The results will be revealed in a major exhibition beginning in the summer of 2010.

As Mr. Nimoy wrote: I am hoping to be surprised and delighted by what shows up in front of me. Anything from full costume to nudity, and I would encourage all of it. The “Secret Self” is the most provocative idea. Do you have a secret self?”  http://www.rmichelson.com/Artist_Pages/Nimoy/The-Identity-Project/T-I-P.html


Sound familiar????

Up to 1544 fabulous Avatars as of today 🙂  Still looking for more, tell your friends!!!!

One Comment on ““Secret Selves””

  1. Apmel says:

    Some of the best looking avatars I´ve seen among these 🙂

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