1000 Avatars Book??!!

Hi everyone…

So I am starting to work on the book “1000 Avatars” I was playing around with the cover..and this is just a rough draft of what it ‘could’ look like 🙂

I would love your help though. I am trying to decide if I want to separate the book into chapters. What do you think? I have been worried about splitting up the 1000 avatars into categories, because the whole project is about diversity and I believe separating into chapters, puts labels on different segments of avatars. What do you think?

I would love any suggestions for the book you can offer. I have a lot of ideas… but am always open to your input 🙂 It’s already been a collaboration between you and I, why stop 🙂

Have a great Sunday and hope to see you soon!!!!

9 Comments on “1000 Avatars Book??!!”

  1. Troy McLuhan says:

    Maybe you could order the photos by color (i.e. by the dominant color in each photo), so the book might start out with deep reds, then bright reds, then oranges, yellows… That way, photos near each other would tend to go together.

  2. Miss D Ember says:

    Chapters is a good idea, because you want folks to ‘return’ to the photos, and having some kind of ‘chapter spine’ can aid memory of where they were in the book when they were impressed.

    They can share the book with others, especially if there is some sort of organizing spine.

    So don’t do normal chapters, do some diversity chapters. Figure out how the pictures make you feel and share that with your viewers.

    Maybe there are chapters like:

  3. Gracie,
    I don’t know if you know but there’s a Neko gathering pictures of Nekos. He tries to take pictures of all Neko in Second Life. Here’s a location to The Wall of nekos on the grid (Purrrr 13 243 2003). Ewo wants to capture the essence of Neko and show the uniqueness of each and every one. I love walking around and seeing all the different interpretations of being Neko – just as I love walking around and seeing the many different interpretations of being an avatar that you have captured.
    But you can’t have that many different of one type or subculture – there’s to many subcultures for that!
    So I think too, you should make chapters based on stand-out characteristics of the avi – like the ones mentioned above or wings, non-human, animals (not just furry) etc. and then make an index in the back where the avis are sorted into their respective subcultures even though there will always be someone who can’t be boxed in these categories …
    Good luck with the book!

    • Hiya, thank you very much for your comment. I have heard about Ewo, I think it’s great what he’s doing. I haven’t seen the work though. I have been going back and forth regarding these different chapters… whether I should do a chapter on Neko’s etc. And I just don’t think it’s right. I don’t want to put anyone into a specific category. It would be like separating Whites from blacks, Men from women, etc. We have gone so many years with this segregation, and SL opens a whole new world for us to be free to be who or what we want. If I put specific types in chapters, it lessens the effect of the whole picture. I am still trying to figure out how to compose the book though, so we will see 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment and support!!!

  4. Troy McLuhan says:

    Another way to compose the book would be to show the photos in a random order. Python’s function random.shuffle could be used to generate the order.

    • Yea for sure Troy. I am actually thinking ‘chapters’ may be good to keep everyone wanting more… but they may be random avis in each chapter, and the chapter titles may be quotes about identity, avatars, the project etc.

  5. Berry Blogger says:

    How about 1000 Chapters?

  6. Possible chapter categories:
    Short stuff – for all the little avvies.
    Impressive Wingspans – for those who have wings or flight appearances.
    Women from venus – for the more feminine pics.
    Men from mars – for the more masculine pics.
    Wildlife – for the furry types.
    The Cheeky Side – for the more naughty/nude shots.

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