1000 Avatars has to move

Hi everyone…

I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much lately. Unfortunately I have been on hiatus as I am unable to take portraits right now. I need a new computer. My graphics card is shot.

I have been writing grants and working on a http://www.kickstarter.com fundraising site to help raise funds for my projects so hopefully I will be back to work soon.

It has been a very depressing couple of months for sure. To be unable to do your craft is the worst feeling. I have so many ideas but I need to have high graphics to be able to shoot photographs within Second Life.

I am also writing, because I received an email today, that I will have to take down the 1000 Avatars project from MIT-NMC. I have been very honored that they have hosted my project and thank everyone at NMC so very much. Here is the link if you would like to check out the space again. The installation will be up until May 15th. I am going to plan a party the next week or so, so I will let ya know 🙂


If you know of any other space that I may use, I would be forever greatful. I would need about 3000 prims.

Thank you all so very much for your support. I have made some amazing friends from this project, and I look forward to getting back to work as soon as I can.

have a wonderful week and stay fabulous!!!

Gracie Kendal/Kris Schomaker

4 Comments on “1000 Avatars has to move”

  1. loisc363 says:

    I hate you are having to move. I really did enjoy having you take my picture and I am looking forward to a party. Your work is amazing.

    • Thank you very much for the lovely comment. We’ll find a place soon I’m sure 🙂 For now I’m working on the book, which is about done. My latest post is about how to pre-order it. I’m so excited that it will be out May 31st. YAY!!!!

  2. loisc363 says:

    Oh and I hope you find a place soon. I love to go there and look at the pictures you have taken.

  3. Gumby Roffo says:

    Contact me and I may be able to assist with the location.

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