Self love and the Avatar…

I just took about 30 more portraits today for the 1000+ Avatars project. Here is a selection I wanted to share with you.

As I was shooting I started thinking again about why we create our avatars the way we do. Of course this is contantly on my mind, but the more avatars I shoot, the more I notice stuff. Plus I have been working on my other project “My Life as an Avatar” which is about body image, self confidence and our online identity but on a more personal level. The idea of beauty and sex has been on my mind a lot lately.

Now the avatars I shoot, for the most part, I do not know personally. At least before they participate. People have been hearing about the project from word of mouth and showing up. So I don’t know them at all. I don’t know if male avatars are women in RL or female avatars are really furries in RL. That is part of the charm of the project. The anonymity. I have noticed though, that the majority of avatars are human and the majority of humans are beautiful, tall, thin, sexy avatars. (Of course this is subjective, but you tell me if the avatars below are sexy or not..LOL)

So  my question is, why? I want to open up this discussion again. Why do some feel the need to be skinny, tall, large breasted, thin waisted? Why do some dress in very provocative clothing, Mount Everest heels and the perfect make-up? I freely admit my avatar, Gracie is one of these tall, thin, made-up beauty’s. And I am still asking myself the same question.

I wonder, is this a form of self love? Is this a way to look at ourselves on the outside and accept ourselves? Is our avatar a mirror of our interior desires, personalities, beauty?

3 Comments on “Self love and the Avatar…”

  1. Deoridhe says:

    I think it’s a mix of things, but one major motivator is what is coded as attractive offline. Given the chance, a lot of people want to look like a model. On second life, being waifishly thin with enormous breasts and gravity-defying clothing is easy, so a lot of people conform.

    There are secondary things, though. Having a slightly plump avatar, I have had to learn to mod my clothing (and some places I can’t shop). Being short, I’ve sometimes been mistaken for a child, and once was asked to leave a sim despite my avatar’s body being fully adult in shape because I was short and wearing Sweet Lolita style clothing. I’ve been outright told by a man that because I wear clothing which covers much of my body that I’m not sexually attractive so they wouldn’t bother to converse with me. I’ve been given advice by other female avatars to put on body bounce and wear more revealing clothing so I can “be attractive.”

    I’ve been making alts recently, and have been having some fun trying different body types. I have one where I’m aiming for almost cartoonishly hourglass (needless to say she’s a faun). Another I’m making an amazon. I’m trying to make avatars with different races, different styles, seeing how far I can push the envelope in various ways I’m not comfortable doing with Deoridhe, and it’s been really interesting. At some point I may pull together a “group” photograph of us, though I can only log two on at a time easily.

  2. ElectroescadaS says:

    Awesome pics…

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