96 avatar portraits to go!!!!!

Shooting today 10am-3pm slt!! May be the last big day to participate!!


Almost done!!!

So I have been thinking a lot about anonymity and what it means… as well as the google+ and facebook’s rules of no pseudonyms, no anonymity, only real names, etc. In the first book I included only the backs of the avatars. This was/is my artistic statement about hiding the face, being unrecognizable, having our own privacy of which we all hold very dear in second life. After having some great conversations at my photo shoots about avatars and identity… and dicussing the idea of the avatar as a mask, I am throwing around the idea of showing the front portraits of the avatars in the 2nd book. I love the idea that we are standing tall putting our anonymous selves out there for the world to see. I think it would be a great statement. What do you think??

Here are a selection of avatars I shot the last couple of sessions…

4 Comments on “96 avatar portraits to go!!!!!”

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  2. Fearchar Enoch says:

    Do you mean both front portraits and back portraits, or fronts only? Either way, I think it’s a good idea… it’d differentiate this book from the first.

    • Just fronts only. There is no room to put both fronts and backs 🙂 I’m still contemplating… The backs are still a good artistic statement.

      • Fearchar Enoch says:

        Maybe if you do only the fronts in the book, you could also apply them to the other sides of the inworld prims… of course this would take lots & lots of time!! 😉

        Then of course there are those avatars where it really doesn’t matter, because no one can tell the difference between front and back anyway! (LOL)

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