Pre-order an autographed copy of the 1000 Avatars Volume 2 for a discounted price!!!!

(Test cover… probably won’t use it.. but isn’t he cute?? hehe)

Yes it’s finally almost here!!!! Volume 2 of the 1000 Avatars book!!! I just reached my goal of 2000 Avatar portraits and am already working on the 2nd book… info is below…

“Think for a minute about what makes you fabulous and how you can celebrate it.”
– Laura Mercier

What started out as a set of 100 portraits to help illustrate the idea of online anonymity, has turned into a documentation of Second Life avatars at a challenging time of our virtual history.

The portraits record a moment in the lives of more than a thousand people who are, to me, fearless. These people have put themselves out there into the brave new world of virtual environments as explorers – explorers searching for anything and everything. They are amazing, creative, soulful people who I am so honored to have in my project.

I have collected these portraits into two printed books. Volume 1  of the first 1000 avatars photographed was released on May 31st of this year… and volume 2 of the 2nd 1000 Avatar photographs which will be released on December 1st.

While the whole project has been dedicated to my dear friend, the late Delinda Dryssen, I think she will be proud to know I am expanding this dedication to all the men and women battling cancer. Since the first book was published I have known many brave people who have lost their lives to this awful disease. I know many more strong amazing people who are out there fighting the fight!! This project is for you!!!

The 1000 Avatars book volume 2 is a 160 page softcover book, 8″ high by 10″ wide, printed on premium quality paper to show the portraits to their best advantage.

I have decided to change the format a little in this new book, I am not going to divulge too much, but I will tell you that this book will show the front of the avatars rather than their backs. Our avatars are a mask no matter which angle we see them. But while they are a mask, they show our creativity, imagination, bravery, skill, expression, energy and personality. While I was going through the avatar portraits to get them ready for the book, wait, even earlier than that. While I was shooting your avatars, I saw so much life in each avatar. From smiles to gestures to dancing to hair and hats, to the smallest details of steampunk, dragons, and goth, I felt I had to share this with everyone. The idea of the project hasn’t changed by any means. The avatar as a mask allows us to search inside ourselves. Through the idea of anonymity, through the use of an avatar we are allowed privacy whether seen from the front or the back. I hope you enjoy the book!!

Thank you very much!!!


(a little teaser page!!)

Information on ordering:

Sunday Nov 13th at 1pm slt!!!



Release date is set for December 1st!!! We are hoping for a Holiday delivery to your mail boxes but we can’t guarantee it based on potential supplier delays and the US postal service..LOL

“1000 Avatars” Volume 2 will list at $65.95 USD plus shipping.

If you order your copy and pay before November 21st you can purchase the book for $58.95 plus shipping.

If you would like volume 1 also, you will be able to purchase both copies as a set until December 1st for $124.90 plus shipping.

All copies ordered through me by December 1st will be autographed by Kristine Schomaker/Gracie Kendal.

Full page preview of 1000 Avatars volume 1 for a limited time:

You can reserve your signed copy today by sending $58.95 USD plus shipping to my Paypal account at (Please click gift if you can to save on paypal charges.. thank you for this.) Please include your mailing address and Second Life name.

$5 North America
$13.95 Canada and Europe

$18 Australia
Please contact Gracie Kendal inworld or by emailing if you have any questions.

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