What does your avatar mean to you??

So as you can see I am working hard to get the 1000 Avatar Volume 2 book out!! Yay!!!!

Even though I have your avatar portraits I would also love to include your thoughts on what your avatar means to you.

Please write 1 or 2 sentences, around 25 words, answering this question in the comments section below.

Please include the sentences and your name or anonymous if you don’t want your name seen. Some of the comments will be placed throughout the book. We may not be able to use all of them, but we  would love to know how you feel about your avatar.

Thank you so much for your consideration and I look forward to reading your comments!!!

57 Comments on “What does your avatar mean to you??”

  1. Nicholas Bingyi says:

    It brings mystery and wonder to the world, The mysterious Lamp brings light to all who beckons it and silently watches over all within it’s light. (Nicholas Bingyi Aka. The Lamp)

  2. Rosey Faith says:

    To me, my avatar is like a clean canvas to be expressive on. I can dress how I like…Deciding how colorful or colorless I’d like to be. The only limits are my imagination.

  3. Larxene Fallen says:

    She’s the me that I wish I was and the me that I maybe should have been – a hundred daydreams and desires in perfect pixel form and a chance to express my deepest self.

    • Larxene Fallen says:

      You know, actually I want to thank you. There’s a long story about the avatar you captured that day (Larxene of course) and that time in her SL life. Seeing those pictures brings back those memories and I can never thank enough for freezing that moment in time for me to hold onto.

  4. shadowkissed0667 says:

    My Avatar is a fragment of myself, or avatars being different facets one one soul with different goals in one common world. I would like to think on a more complex level psychonauts or really sophisticated masks which allow different parts of myself to manifest where in another world they would be incapable on a healthy level. (shadowkissed0667 – Khaokitty Magic)

  5. I have been diagnosed in real life with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or aka Multiple personalities. My avatars help me to become more whole in real life by letting me be more objective about who does what in my mind. I have become more organized, and calmer and learned about human nature in myself and social interactions with other, My avatar is essential for my sanity in real life. I am an artist in real life with my Master’s degree, and I am not a dumby, but, i am not normal either. I get to be “me” as each of the “me’s” see themselves, and this is very helpful for the me observing and witnessing the behavior changes and belief systems that each seems to carry with them and try to find common threads to bring this system of mine internally in to sync and more connected with communication internally. Some people would label me and some of my close art friends in real life as mentally ill, but, i do not think of myself or my friends as ill, i see us as more creative and coping differently with stresses of life and very adaptive. I see what others call “ill” as being unbalanced and becoming healthy is just balancing again. Other people with no diagnosis have the same issues, only, they may be less extreme or in denial about having some unique issue that is not of the norm. I love Gracie Kendal, and envy her ingenuity to an extent, because I have made portraits of avatars, but I did not think to make a facebook kind of catalog that celebrates the masses as she has, and I am very supportive of her efforts and admire her for it.

    • Fearchar Enoch says:

      My avatar looks the way I wish I did in RL. I even change his facial hair when I change mine. He’s mainly a cowboy. I also have other avatars representing different aspects of my personality.

      –Fearchar Enoch (yes, you can use my avatar name if you use my quote) 🙂

  6. Madison Talon says:

    Madison Talon

    Madi is what I would be without financial, physical, social, cultural, emotional and mental constraints of the real world. Madi is the “real me”. Madi is my soul.

  7. WOW!! Wonderful comments!!Thank you guys for being so brave and sharing your SL lives with me!!!

  8. Ceg McDonnell says:

    My avatar is a better me; my alt is a funner me.

  9. Belovan Zuta says:

    My avatar is freedom…to be me…and more…my avatar has shown me who I can be…should be…who I am on the inside…who I need to show to the world.

  10. anonymous says:

    I’m no good at dress ups or pretend. My avatar is just me. I’ve created it to look as close to me as I can, wear what I wear etc. It brings a bit of fun to the ‘glorified chat room’ of SL ;~)

  11. any1gynoid says:

    My avatar is wild and free, a perfect me;
    Free to express, share, and frolic beyond imagination;
    Free to change the world without limits!
    G-d bless me wee avi and all my little friends!
    A dream come true; I hope I never wake up!

  12. Tegan Jenvieve says:

    I am an artist and my avatar was created to be as humanly proportional as possible given the editing options. She is a portal through which i have found emotional support, friendship and ultimately my RL partner. Avatars aren’t cartoons, they are a visual and sometimes auditory conduits to other curious,open minds seeking opportunites to create and socialize, get relief from hurt and pain, and most importantly, not feel alone. I wrote the poem below called “Fleeting Moments” that expresses it differently

    Tegan Jenvieve

    in the fleeting moments when words and images combine
    and the superimposed desires and fears of two souls
    layer and merge as they create new colors and textures
    weaving a tapestry in motion of pixels and true emotion
    Time is suspended and hangs heavy with hope and passion
    It is not the lust for flesh at the core of this exchange
    But a craving for comfort, intimacy and stability
    floating free in this digital world are millions seeking harbor
    an anchor to stop the slow drift causing pain and loneliness
    Some find a home, a soul to curl up in and be at peace
    others do not, cycling through highs and lows feeling lost

    The hope is the mere existence of this virtual place
    The passion is the human drive to fit in somewhere
    And whether journey’s end is acheived, it matters not
    It is the act of reaching out that defines who we are

  13. Ruth Latour says:

    At first my avatar was kind of a work tool, since I entered Second Life to research and teach. But now Ruth has acquired her own life. I no longer use my facebook, just hers, interacting both with RL and SL friends there. On one hand I tried to bring her closer to my “RL’s avatar” appearance making her fat, wearing similar glasses and hair, but on the other hand I realize that sometimes I dress RL like Ruth is dressed SL. And it’s pretty funny when my RL students call me Ruth instead of my RL name.

  14. My cellular form is a single, working, mom of 4… limitless responsibility with few potentials. My “pixellar” form is a return to simplicity and freedom… few responsibilities with limitless potential.

    ~Caete Sharpshire-Braveheart

  15. PraxisField says:

    we wake and want truth, finding truth and finding ourselves is the same thing, in presenting ourselves to others, we find out everything else

  16. nograce says:

    My avatar is a part of me – it has integrity – and it has a mind -feelings and pride…
    it is me/I… therefore I was very sad when I long a go – showed of as one of the first
    and me an arrogant and busy – rude and mean Gracie Kendal.
    People she uses you… and today I am glad I did not participate

    • I’m sorry if you feel this way. I don’t recall every meeting anyone who was mad at me or said anything to me at the time I was shooting. Ever!! Why don’t you have the courage to talk to me about it and let me know what happened instead of hiding. I would surely like to know how I offended you and fix it.

    • There must be an evil-twin Gracie Kendal then. I’ve never met someone so NOT mean as Gracie.

    • oO I had a great experience when I went, and am happy to be a participant in this project. Don’t know who you met, but Gracie was incredibly friendly, and was clearly enjoying her work (if you can call it work. 😉 ) I am quite glad Mia reminded me to go!

  17. I’ve had a livelong interest in daily life of other eras. My avatar fulfills my impossible dream of time travel. She experiences the Victorian era, she is at home on the city streets in prohibition times, and has even traveled to the far-flung future. Beyond that, she is able to delve into times that never were – especially the steampunk and dieselpunk realities. Through Ceejay, these realities are now open to me!

  18. I’m socially awkward. I’m okay with that, and always have been. Lucie has helped me realize, though, that I have a great personality, when I choose to share it. She’s me, but free from societal restraints and the restrictions of the real world.

    • I’d also like to add… Lucie doesn’t have fibromyalgia. She’s had four lovely children. Unlike the RL me, she isn’t infertile and doesn’t live with chronic pain. Like the RL me, she has an amazing husband… I am fortunate to have my RL husband in both worlds. 🙂

  19. I am a normal, happy, well-adjusted, stable, and healthy American male that, due to being a single father, having children at home, and a job that requires 60-80 hours a week, does not have time for socializing. That’s what SL provides me and my avatar is a direct representation of me and how I wish I looked.

    MadBiker Wolf is me and I am he. There is no online persona, no change in personality. That is me, the real person, who you are interacting with.

    Mad’s physical form is how I wish I looked. My fantasy body. The things he wears is what I either do, or would if I could afford it. (I really would wear a sawn-off double-barrel shotgun on my hip if it were legal, and do when I go to an outdoor shooting range.)

    So what does my avatar mean to me? It is me. It is me. Period.

    When I roleplay with Mad, that is also me, also. In Gor, Toxia, Star Wars, or Deadwood, that is still me and not a persona. I react the way I would if I, the real me, where in that place, at that time, with those cultural rules and society.

    • I should have read the entire blog post instead of just the title. 25 words or less. One or two sentences. All right:

      MadBiker Wolf

      I am he, he is me, and never in twain shall they be.

  20. Scarlet says:

    She is my little doll, never complains, never talks back. I can dress her in a wedding dress one day and as a rocker the next and she always smiles sweetly.
    Her hair always looks good, she has perfect skin and can contort into positions that make the mind boggle.

  21. Alessandra Eberlain says:

    My avatar is a manifestation of the soul within, capable of carrying out all the desires and dreams that seemed impossible in real life. I can present myself with beauty, humor, and grace, without being overshadowed by my real world appearance and the unfortunate stereotypes and prejudices that come with it.

  22. Ronda Saunders says:

    I am my avatar , my RL alter ego is a seperate and in many ways quite a different personality , I guess “we” could be diagnosed as having dissociative identity disorder ie: dual personality .
    . . . . I shall be forever gratefull to LL and SL for bringing on this condition LOL

    • any1gynoid says:

      Exactly Rhonda! And you made me laugh! SL free’s us to self actualize intensely… And to do so through (for lack of better words)… multiple Jungian stereotypes

  23. Ford Heberle says:

    A little abstraction makes me bolder. Virtual marble is cheaper and easier to build with. The gardens are always lush. Everyone’s a good dancer. I can afford the clothes.

  24. My avatar was my true self, even before I knew it.

  25. Van Caerndow says:

    My avatar is my freedom. If gives me a chance to see who I would be without the restrictions of the Real World. – Phil Strang/Van Caerndow.

  26. Cica is my innocence, my acceptance of change, and my need to discover. She’s explored sea and sky before, and now, on hooves, earth. Is fire next?

    – Cicadetta Stillwater

  27. Lucia Tophat says:

    Lucia is the girl I wish I could be in RL. She is the me I have always dreamed of being.

    Lucia Tophat

  28. Opal Lei says:

    When I learned to draw as a young child, I often drew the face that I wished I looked like — red hair, green eyes, high cheekbones, pointed chin. On my first day in Second Life, I stood on Orientation Island by a river near the talking parrot, fiddling with the Appearance sliders until, four hours later, the same face emerged. Well, close enough. 😉 But, this time, it didn’t feel “separate” from me as it did when I drew it on paper. This time, it felt like it *was* me.

    My real-life friend asked me, “Isn’t it lying if your avatar is pretty and you’re not in real life?” I never claimed I look like my avatar. In fact, in my profile’s 1st Life tab, I wrote, “I was not born with the gift of beauty. Instead, I was born with the gift of *creating* beauty. I’ve created beauty many times over. I think I received the greater gift. … I view my avatar as a canvas; it does not represent my RL.”

    Sometimes, I just tell people that my avatar’s beauty compensates for my real life and that I have a lot to compensate for! 🙂

  29. Eeyore Ogg says:

    My default avatar is an outer space alien because that’s what I feel like deep down, going through life, observing other cultures from a detached viewpoint. Sometimes I shape-shift to fit in, to match the context to or observe the dress code. But this is who I am without disguises.
    -Eeyore Ogg

  30. Lymirah Gardner says:

    Lym is a me that is not me. She has her own life and style, but everything she says comes straight from my mouth.

  31. Denny Kozlov says:

    Hi Gracie–not sure if you are still collecting statements for the new volume, but in any case, here’s an excerpt from the text I keep in my profile to explain my SL self:

    “The Denny persona embodies a key aspect of my RL self–my inner genteelly-outrageous queer male. In RL the bod I inhabit happens to be female. (Queer-identified bisexual female, to be specific.) You could say I’m some variety of genderqueer–I do think of myself as such. SL gives me the power to fully BE Denny with a freedom it would be hard to match in RL.”

  32. Harper is an extension of me that I can’t achieve in RL; she gives me the ability to dress and create in ways I’m unable to otherwise.

  33. Micah Moore is a physical representation of how Micah Mahjoubian feels on the inside.

  34. Flash Unplugged says:

    Flash is an extension of me, he has the same morals and loves no matter what form he takes. The big difference is that Flash is more openly accepted, he is my voice in a community that finds a place for everyone rather than squeezing them into comfortable little boxes.

  35. Gracie, first let me say that although I did not manage to get there to get my portait in the book, I’ve been following what you’ve been doing and what an amazing undertaking! It is wonderful to see and hear how everyone has some kind of story to how their avatar came to be, whether it is complete fantasy or an extension of the person themselves, there is a reason to be..

    For myself, Gabriella, or Gabby as most call me, IS me. Or what i like to call my better me. Gabby 2.0 =) Looks are similar, but I’ve made her into more how I wish I looked rather than how I do.. Personality, beliefs, and everything me is in Gabby… And in world she is living a life that the real life me is not able to live. She’s also the one I was able to find my soulmate through who I am now very completely committed to both in world and out..

    In my reality I suffer from chronic illnesses that keep me from doing much that I would like. Gabs isnt hindered by such issues, and not only can she be me/herself, but can also pull reality into fantasy and have a whole story and life unto herself as well.. I will say, should SL ever go away, I would be one to greatly mourn the loss of my world…

    Again Gracie.. great job.. =) If you ever do another 1000 let me know for sure, and i’ll get my tush in gear and get mine in there too!

    Til later times

  36. Lnn Nishi says:

    My avatar and I are the same person. She allows me to experience the virtual world, meet some of its residents, and explore things I cannot in my first life. In return, I allow her to feel, taste, smell the real world. The big difference is she has better hair than me!

  37. My avatar represents who I COULD be… not necessarily who I wish I was. She is a representation of my own potential without limitations. From punk to pinup… glam to goth, she gets to portray my whimsical side and often is different from day to day.

  38. Cat Boccaccio says:

    An avatar is a kind of condensed representation of who you are. Not of the person you are in RL, but of who you are inside no matter what your skin is, in any world. I watch my avatar Cat, I dress her and tend to her and send her out on her adventures and that is all the fun of Second Life, but my goal is ALWAYS to be a better person, to listen, care and love people in an open-hearted way, that for whatever reason, is harder for me in RL. I’m grateful to Cat and to my to my other alts for giving me the courage to try and navigate RL with that same open heart.

    • PraxisField says:

      well said Cat. I have been thinking a lot about these things. Whilst I feel it is good for the SL aspect (av) to explore things difficult for the RL person to pursue, I worry that some in SL seem to downgrade the connection between SL and RL. that because something happens in SL, it doe not matter because it is not real. I liked your mention of being “good” because more and more I think that a bad thing in SL is real, but just in a different way. I think we cannot take a “holiday from being good” when in SL. that when we do a bad thing in SL it is bad and cannot just be dismissed as “pretend”. the patterns we see, that we weave and find ourselves in are connected to the ones we cannot see. in SL, nobody actually dies, they are not really raped or tortured but harm is still being done to both parties. sadly, not many see this yet. (PraxisField)

  39. Todd says:

    i don’t really divide my real life self from my second life self so no matter the L, it is always me

  40. daleinnis says:

    My SL avatar is me, just as much as (and just as little as) my RL body is me. The main difference is how much more and how much more easily I can modify the SL one. 🙂

  41. It took me a while to put it into words, but Anna is me in my mind’s eye. Personality, capabilities and frustrations (damn lag!) are all me; Anna is what I look like in my head – taller than I am, with longer legs and larger breasts. (When I catch sight of myself in a mirror or a plate glass window, I’m always shocked at how short I am!) She was originally an alt – my first avatar (Katja Soderstrom) was small, young and naive. Growing with her through the beginning of my stay in SL helped me to have to courage to really be myself, both in SL and in RL. Eventually I outgrew Katja, and AnnaLise is me.

  42. Since I came into SL for RL purposes – marketing my RL art and learning to create in 3D – my avatar is meant to represent the RL me…as I was about 30 years ago (*cough* as a baby *cough*). Ha! But that’s what SL is all about. Recreating yourself. And I love it! Maybe in another year I’ll decide to drop the “human” thing and get realllly creative. After all, I’m supposed to be an artist, right? :> The body may change, but the personality remains the same. – JudiLynn

  43. It was, at first, a way to play a game. Then a way to communicate with some people that I had encountered whilst playing a game. It has become something more than that as it moves from just something on my computer to being an extension of “me” into a world where a lot of other “me”s are hanging out. Through my avatar, I have rediscovered portions of me long lost, presumed dead. I have met people that I would have never met otherwise. I have made friends that I never imagined could be found. I don’t mean just because they were far away and we were not likely to cross paths, I mean people that share a spark of life and ways of thinking that mirror, compliment, augment or otherwise enhance my own ways of thinking. The concept of my avatar has expanded beyond the limits of one virtual world and become a pathway to places I hadn’t even thought possible.


  44. Deborah Anita Lamb says:

    My Avatar is everything that I am not. In real life I always have to be dressed properly with everything matching not my avatar which is dressed in grunge style. I carry the vodka bottle in my avatars hand to rebel against the a x Boyfriend who because of His alcoholism forbid me to drink in front of him.

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