Avatars in real life?? +important announcements

How cool is it for people to actually ‘get’ second life? For those who have been residents of this amazing world for hours, weeks, months and years… we ‘get it’ We understand what it means to don a persona, an identity, a personality, a mask, an avatar and either be someone else, explore another aspect of yourself or find your true self. Avatars are amazing inventions. As a mask, just like Halloween, Carnivale, Masquerades, you can be brave, open, imaginative without people judging you or criticizing you.

Most people live in the real world in hiding. Hiding behind TV screens, reality shows, plastic surgery, diets, make-up, ‘staying in’ … Second Life allows us to come out. To escape the bonds of everyday life, the mundane tasks that we dread, that enslave us we log into this amazing world full of hopes and dreams.

Each avatar in this project, each of the 2000 avatars, is a person, a brave, creative, fabulous person who found their way to second life for whatever reason and they ‘get it.’ I have met so many people in second life with disabilities. How wonderful that they can log in and walk or swim or ‘talk’ or ‘hear.’ How cool is it that we can talk to people all over the world with the easiest of translators. We can work on projects together, collaborate without borders or boundaries.

This project has been a wonderous labor of love. I am so proud to have met so many people who ‘get it.’

Thank you so much for your wonderful support!!!


I am so very pleased to announce that this volume 2 of the 1000 avatars project will have two featured essays written by two creative, insightful, avatars who ‘get it:’ Patrick Millard aka Formatting Heliosense, Assistant Professor of Photography at Point Park University http://patrickmillard.com/ and Garrett Cobarr aka Lydin Tripp, author of the blog http://www.wholethinking.com/ and the forthcoming book “I Am Not Myself: Identity and Privacy in the Avatar Age.”

We are finalizing the cover image as we speak…so keep your eyes open for it!!

1000 Avatars volume 2, a fine art book by Kristine Schomaker edited by Nickola Martynov

Important dates to remember:

Sunday November 13th 1pm slt-     Pre-release party, location tbd

Monday November 21st 6pm slt-    Last day to order at the discounted price of $58.95

Thursday December 1st 6pm slt-     Last day to order an autographed copy

Information on ordering:

Sunday Nov 13th at 1pm slt!!!



Release date is set for December 1st!!! We are hoping for a Holiday delivery to your mail boxes but we can’t guarantee it based on potential supplier delays and the US postal service..LOL

“1000 Avatars” Volume 2 will list at $65.95 USD plus shipping.

If you order your copy and pay before November 21st you can purchase the book for $58.95 plus shipping.

If you would like volume 1 also, you will be able to purchase both copies as a set until December 1st for $124.90 plus shipping.

All copies ordered through me by December 1st will be autographed by Kristine Schomaker/Gracie Kendal.

Full page preview of 1000 Avatars volume 1 for a limited time:

You can reserve your signed copy today by sending $58.95 USD plus shipping to my Paypal account at krisartlvr@verizon.net. (Please click gift if you can to save on paypal charges.. thank you for this.) Please include your mailing address and Second Life name.

$5 North America
$13.95 Canada and Europe

$18 Australia
Please contact Gracie Kendal inworld or by emailing krisartlvr@verizon.net if you have any questions.

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