It’s here!!!! and it’s beautiful!!!!! The first print… artist proof!!!! YAY!!!!!!

SelfPublished by Kristine Schomaker, 2011.
Edited by Nickola Martynov
With contributions by Garrett Cobarr and Patrick Millard

Design by Kristine Schomaker
English, 10” x 8”, 160 pages, softcover
ISBN 978-0-9836572-2-4

Still time to order!!!!

Get the 1000 Avatars Volume 2 autographed fine art book in real life!!!


Release date is set for December 6th, with the final order placed within that week!! YAY!!!!!

We are hoping for a Holiday delivery to your mail boxes but we can’t guarantee it based on potential supplier delays, Holiday mail rush, International timeframes and the US postal service..LOL

All copies ordered through me by December 6th will be autographed by Kristine Schomaker/Gracie Kendal.

You can reserve your signed copy today by sending $65.95 USD plus shipping to my Paypal account at (Please click gift if you can to save on paypal charges.. thank you for this.)

Please include your mailing address and Second Life name.


You can also pay in Lindens!!!!! Contact me for more info!!

Vol 1 $65.95 USD plus shipping (still available)

Vol 2 $65.95 USD plus shipping

Vol 1 and Vol 2 as a set $124.90 USD plus shipping

$5 North America
$13.95 Canada and Europe

$18 Australia


Please contact Gracie Kendal inworld or by emailing if you have any questions.

Don’t forget the Party on Dec 6th too!!!! 8 hours of Dj’s and live music including the amazing artists; Skye Galaxy, Juel Resistance and Zachh Cale.


5 Comments on “It’s here!!!! and it’s beautiful!!!!! The first print… artist proof!!!! YAY!!!!!!”

  1. Woot, Gracie! How exciting! You’ve done such a great job on this!!! Must be so thrilling to see it all come to fruition. I’m really happy for you!

    • Awww thanks!!! Yea, I was excited before, but actually holding it in my hands and going through each page… I felt like a kid at Christmas!!! I can’t wait for everyone who is purchasing them to get them and see!!

  2. Patty Poppy says:

    Congratulations, Gracie. This is truly a wonderful piece of work!

  3. Lucia Tophat says:

    It’s gorgeous!

    One question. I want to make sure I read that correctly. We have to order by December 6th in order to get one at all or just to get an autographed copy?


    • Awww thank you Lucia.

      You will be able to buy the book from the publisher,Blurb, after December 10th. It is a little more expensive with shipping and taxes but it will be available there. Just not autographed too.

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