My solo show!!!

Did you know I have a solo show coming up in May? It’s opening May 5th in Los Angeles and Second Life respectively. I am hosting a mixed reality dinner party between my friends in the virtual world of Second life and the physical world. The gallery is being created in a 1920’s dining room inspired by Gertrude Stein’s home and salon in Paris. I finished the 40 page catalog…


I have bought some chairs for the space…


Found some great items that will fit perfectly in the space too.


I have bought 107 frames which I am framing with avatar portraits and will be hung on the walls in a salon style.


Some of the larger prints for the show…


I have so much more to do…

I am thinking of the video/audio technology for the show, what to have for dinner, a dress, hair and make-up and paint for  the walls. I am still looking for a dining table and chairs and rug as well as more chairs and tables to sit in the space.

Hmmm I know there is more but can’t think now… I’m on my 3rd glass of sparking white zin…LOL

Keep an eye on the blog and I’ll try to post more pics and keep you updated on the show!! It’s coming along!!!

Less than a month to go!!!

3 Comments on “My solo show!!!”

  1. Ruben Bernandes says:

    Un gran proyecto, felicitaciones como siempre, por tu empuje y ganas de hacer cosas! un abrazo

  2. shadowkissed0667 says:

    I wish you luck Gracie, I may not be able to attend regardless being computerless however I’ll keep my fingers crossed for May!

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